About Us

Two Bakers

Nestled in the hippie enclave of Horne road and run by Le Cordon Bleu Paris trained chef, Two Bakers is an artisanal bakery cafe that serves bespoke French and Fusion inspired pastries, fresh food and specialty coffees. Each dish is made or finished-to-order using fresh ingredients, prepared according to the strictest standards. Here you’ll find a constantly evolving menu guided by the chef’s motto of ‘Simplicity at it’s finest’.




In our open bakery, you’ll see our chefs emulsify lemon curd and French butter for your freshly made Yuzu Lemon Tart. We’ll fill your Pavlova to order so it is lighter than air. In our fast-paced kitchen, eggs are freshly cracked for brunch service. You can taste this in our famed baked eggs with gooey cheese and runny center. For heartier eaters, we dipped whole boneless chicken legs in batter and fry on order, ensuring the crispiest and juiciest chicken sandwich for both lunch and dinner. The focus is no fuss, fresh and delicious food each time.

Two Bakers promises to continuously evolve, in its own unique and delicious way, always loyal to its values: simple and bold, tradition and cosmopolitan, warm and intimate.