New and Exciting Pastry Masterclass

flower pcollages

To mark the seasons change, Two bakers is excited to introduce a variety of exciting pastry classes! In our Autumn and Winter flowers buttercream cupcakes class, you will learn how to pipe different flowers in vibrant shades of autumn and cool winter. For those who want to take decorating to greater heights, come join us in our Couture Pop decorating class where you will master the art of decorating cakes with chocolate ganache. If baking is your passion, we have a delicious and instagram worth strawberry watermelon cake known as “W”, an irresistable refreshing and gluten free dessert for you to learn!

In collaborations with e2i, Two bakers will also be conducting a “All about Tarts” masterclass where participants will learn both theory explanation and practical hands on the finer points of tart making. This Masterclass focuses on upgrading the skills of local industry professionals and members of the public, and is partially sponsored by e2i.

To top it all off, enjoy a discount when you sign up for the classes with a friend. Two is always better than one!

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