New menu coming to you in January 2016 and featured desserts

Cuisine menu

Encounter new flavours as TWO bakers unveils a new menu this January! The new menu will see an addition of a wide array of dishes and improvements to old favourites all set to whet your taste buds.

Back by popular demand, TWO bakers guests would be pleased to know that the SG50 special Crabmeat Sambal risotto is now part of this new menu. The new menu will be featuring the star ingredient of ‘Avocado’. This super fruit is unique and prized for its powerful and beneficial nutrients to health. In addition, guest would now be able to build their own customised breakfast to suit their appetite. The sky is the limit with the new menu!

Stay tuned and be spoilt for choice!

Featured desserts

Picture this. Another hot summer day. There in the distance lies an oasis. Push through the doors, a gentle ray of light peeked at you. You set your eyes on a unique looking pastry glistening under the light, shaped like a dome and crowned with a yellow disc. It’s side is dotted with chopped pistachio sitting snugly on a gold base.

Say hello to TWO bakers’ new creation, Yuzu Summer. A light and citrusy yuzu lemon yoghurt mousse with a bittersweet matcha sponge and freshly baked sableé tart base. Perfectly balanced – sweet and tangy, airy and crunchy.

Simply a joy to the sight and a delight to the senses.