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About Us

Two Bakers Pte Ltd (“Two Bakers”) was founded by two friends in 2014, operating as an artisanal bakery-café that focuses on providing high quality food that excites the customers. Located in the Jalan Besar area, the café serves freshly baked French and American pastries, handcrafted desserts, while also offering a full-range menu of Western cuisine as well. Two Bakers’ commitment to excellence, such as using only top-notch ingredients and paying attention to details, allowed our brand to stand out distinctively, even in Singapore’s competitive café scene.

Two Bakers garnered a great deal of attention due to the aesthetically pleasing nature of our sweets, making us perfect for social media photos and posts. The café rose to prominence with the introduction of its Singaporean-inspired Nostalgia series, which featured many desserts masquerading as local favorites, such as our Bao Zi (a white chocolate mousse that looks like a steamed bun). The dessert series was featured in many media platforms and food blogs, with raving reviews and recommendations. Many customers were greatly intrigued and flooded the café to take their very own snapshot of those desserts. This cleverness and ingenuity helped set Two Bakers’ reputation as an imaginative, and exciting, dining concept.

Two Bakers are also actively supportive of local festivals, bringing our food fare to several events, such as the DBS Marina Regatta and Singapore’s first-ever Coffee Festival. In 2019, Two Bakers opened our second outlet in Serangoon, and is eyeing at further expansions in the future.

Founding Story

Co-Founders Miss Jessica Chin and Miss Erica Yap were two friends that started Two Bakers with no prior experience in the F&B industry. Driven by their passion to serve quality food and dessert, the duo had since formed a formidable one-two punch, with the Le Cordon Blue-trained Miss Yap handling the pastries and desserts, while cooking-enthusiast Miss Chin helmed the savouries menu. Their complimentary skillsets, along with their service excellence, has seen Two Bakers grown steadily over the past 6 years, becoming one of the renowned cafés in Singapore. Miss Chin and Miss Yap now manages a vibrant team of young chefs, leading the way with constant innovation and refinement, to bring upon new and exciting menu items for their customers.


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